PC Kingdom Builders

Missions Week

Camp T-Shirts

International Church Fellowship – Rome, Italy

Kids Camp is a highlight of the summer in Rome.  ICF Kids Camp in Rome is the highlight of summer for over 100 marginalized kids.  Your $15 gift provides an ICF Kids ministry t-shirt to a grateful child. 

Beauty Backpacks


Through our partners in Romania, you can provide a Beauty Backpack to trafficked women in Europe who are desperate for hope, healing, and Jesus.  $35 each.

Holiday Dinners

Each year we provide Turkeys/Hams for over 100 dinners during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  Partnering together, we can supply all the requests given to us by local schools. $15 each.

Dandelion Kids DVDs


The goal of Dandelion Kids is to plant lasting values, empower kids to thrive, and help them to become positive leaders of influence.  Help produce, copy, and mail Dandelion Kids DVDs to 2000 remote homes in NW Alaska.  $5 each.

ESL Craft Kit


English as a Second Language is used as an evangelism tool in Spain.  Your $20 provides an ESL craft kit – including a whiteboard, erasable markers, notebook, colored pencils, and a convenient travel bag.